Equal Work Deserves Equal Pay

My Idea

I created a poster that addressed the gender wage gap through a marketing campaign by the makeup company, MAC Cosmetics. This is an important issue that many people don’t realize affects all women in the professional world. I wanted to bring awareness to this issue through an object that is typically very feminized — lipstick.

Background Research


Image Source

I did some research on the topic to get some accurate facts and statistics to use for my poster. I found a quote from the American Association of University Women that says “If change continues at the slower rate seen since 2001, women will not reach pay equity with men until 2152″ (aauw.org). Hearing that statistic was very shocking and surprising to me, and something many people would be surprised by, so I decided to include that on my poster. I think that the poster I created is a platform for people to learn more about the Paycheck Fairness Act and what the gender wage gap is. In my research, I also found many images that used the well-known phrase: “Equal work deserves equal pay” which I added to the poster.

Image Inspiration

160411172430-us-gender-pay-gap-780x439Image Source

I found many images that I used for inspiration that compared items to show the comparison between women’s pay and men’s pay and the gap between the two. One showing the percentage that women make, which is 79% of what men make.

MAC Cosmetics Poster Campaign

MAC-CosmeticsImage Source

I decided to use an image of lipstick by MAC to depict this wage gap visually. I used an image of two lipsticks — one to represent women’s pay and one to represent men’s pay. One of the lipsticks is 79% and the other is 100%. I have learned the importance of placing images in designing a poster in order to get the viewer’s attention.  I used a black background for the poster because all of MAC’s makeup products are all black and used white lettering because MAC is always in white on the packaging. I used a bold pink color for the lipstick as a contrast against the black background. I used a modern font — Helvetica Neue to go with MAC’s modern branding and used MAC’s font, identified as Factor, to add to the brand’s collaboration and support for the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Final Product:


More Information about the Gender Wage Gap can be found here:

http://now.org/resource/women-deserve-equal-pay factsheet/

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